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Consumers are participating and further recommending marketing campaigns and winning rewards in the process

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How to create B2AND marketing campaign

A. Upon sign-up/sign-in Advertiser should create/upload 1st level recipient email addresses to whom marketing campaign is targeted. These email addresses can be created/uploaded under “Address sets” and categorised based on Advertiser’s own preferences.

B. When address set is created, Advertiser can create marketing campaign with the following four steps:

1. Description & timing
Describe your marketing campaign with related terms & conditions and select the campaign period.

2. Rewards
Describe your marketing campaign rewards with related terms & conditions and select related reward voucher code options.

3. Campaign settings
Select your marketing campaign settings, e.g. such as campaign recipient address sets, campaign category, location and/or age limitations (if any) and campaign notifications.

4. Budget
Allocate budget for your marketing campaign and activate the campaign.

For advertisers

Unique service platform to approach their target groups by distributing their marketing messages in the best possible way, i.e. by friend's recommendations
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For consumers

An opportunity to participate in various marketing campaigns and in a process to win various campaign rewards
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