Campaign Advertiser related questions:

Q: How many Advertiser's can there be for one campaign?
A: Only one Advertiser for one particular campaign.

Q: Is B2AND viral marketing campaign totally free?
A: Yes, until end of 2020 B2AND will provide free B2AND balance for all Advertisers by topping up their balance as much as required for them to run unlimited B2AND campaigns. Free B2AND balance will expire by end of 2020 for all Advertisers.

Q: When I create "New campaign", should I select "Campaign" or "Trial campaign"?
A: As all B2AND campaigns are provided for free until end of 2020, you may select "Campaign" directly.

Q: Are there any limitations when sending messages for testing purposes to my own email account as Advertiser, prior starting commercial campaign?
A: No limitations on that.

Q: As a campaign Advertiser, can I change the campaign settings, when the campaign has already started?
A: Yes, as Advertiser you can change settings of the campaign during the live campaign, e.g. such as validity, stop, restart, close, etc. However, all changes are subject to approval by our staff and we recommend you to always carefully consider any changes on live campaigns before making them, since they may affect to some campaign participants. Our general policy is that the charasteric of the campaign shall not be changed and later restrictions on rewards-related terms are not allowed.

Q: How could I get free web hosting and/or free webshop by B2AND?
A: Pls sign-up as Advertiser and select the free hosting and/or free webshop accordingly during the sign-up process. For further details, pls visit our related pages "Hosting" and "Webshop".

Consumer participant related questions:

Q: Do I need to register in B2AND service, before I can participate in any campaigns?
A: No, you do not need to register in order to participate in campaigns.

Q: What benefits will I get, if I register in B2AND service?
A: By registering yourself, you are able to store or import from other sources, like Gmail, your referral network contacts and easily select those contacts that you would like to invite to any particular marketing campaign as well as to see the statistics of how your referral network is growing your rewards. Moreover, you will be able to subscribe for campaigns based on your personal interest and/or your type of rewards interest.

Q: What type of rewards there are?
A: There are two levels of rewards, i.e.:
1. hotlink click = when you click a hotlink provided in the campaign message and
2. hotlink click by referred contact = when contact you have referred to the campaign will press the hotlink.
All rewards are decided and offered by the campaign Advertiser of that particular campaign that you participate in and the reward types, terms and conditions are informed to you in the campaign message and in the related campaign site.